Marine Accessories and Safety Equipment

pic18a.jpg (11151 ??) 20.Model ZHK-1 Breathing appratus (normal pressure)
Model ZHK-1 Breathing appratus (normal pressure) is widely used in fire extinguishing,chemical industry,shipping, petroleum production, mines,and labs for users under thick smoke.poisoned gas or severe suffocations.?
Gross Weigh?11kg
Working pressure:30Mpa
Gas storage:200L/min
pic19a.jpg (10178 ??) 21.FIREMAN'S OUTFIT (It comprises):
Fire& heat insulated suit(including jacket,trousers,glover,shinguard) 1 set
Fire boots   1 pair
Safe helmet 1 pce
Fire axe        1 pce
Fireproof life line(40m) 1 pce
Portable explosion-proof lamp 1 pce
Breathing apparatus(normal pressure)  1 pce
Tool outfit     1 set
pic20a.jpg (9990 ??) 22.PORTABLE AIR FOAM GUN Portable air foam Gun is designed and manufactured basing on the fire control requirement of "Specification for sea Vessels to be classified and Built" and has been approved by the Nanjing Branch Bureau of the Register of Shipping of the People's Republic of China.It extinguishes oily fire with its compound mixed up automatically by injected air,water and foamed liquid,and also extingguishes fire on solid matter with its water injection.
Main Spec ifications(Under 0.25Mpa working pressure):
Injection range =15m
Foam capactiy 1.5M3/mim
pic21a.jpg (12947 ??) 23.Fire and heat Insulated suit.
Fibre Reflectivity 400-1000mm; 40% -70%
Fibre Anti-inflammability <1000mm
Fibre Breaking Force>1000g/cm
Fibre Stripping Force=12N/50mm
Fibre Waterproffbility Water proff within a watercube of 2 meter's high f100mm
Fibre Insulation <the suit's inner temperature will be less than 45? at850? within distance of 1.75m.
Mild steel link chain
Chain made by GERNAN (Corrresponding to DIN5856/1976)
Chain made by GERNAN (Corrresponding to DIN763/1976
Chain made by GERNAN (Corrresponding to DIN766/1986
Chain made by ITALY(WSFLS)
Chain made by R>KOREA
Chain made by Norway
Proof Metric chain (Grade 28)
Long link chain
Chain made by American(Corrresponding to NACM1984?1990?Grade 30)
Chain made by American(Corrresponding to ASTMA413-80 Grade 30)
Chain made by Australia
pic12a.jpg (9928 ??) 25.Connectorfor General Use For Firebrigade
f65mm f50mm


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