Marine Distress Signal & Boat Accessories, Safety Equipment

pic1a.jpg (10597 ??) 1. MARINE RED FLARE SIGNAL(For short range distress signalling from ships,lifeboats.)Lighting intensity>15000cd
Lighting duration>60sec
pic2a.jpg (8552 ??) 2. MARINE RED FLARE PARACHUTE SIGNAL (For long range distress signalling from ships,lifeboats.)lighting intensity   >30000cd lighting duration    >40sec lighting height      >300m
pic3a.jpg (10749 ??) 3.LIFEBUOY SELF-FLASH FLOATING LAMP SMOKE SINGAL (A life buoy is provided with self-igniting light and self-activating smoke signal which is available for use by day and at night and to be equally distributed on both sides of the ship.)  
Smoke duration    >15min
Light duration  =2hr
pic4a.jpg (11321 ??) 4.LIFEBUOY ORANGE-COLOURED SMOKE SINGAL(Produces orange smoke for daylight use and combined with the lifebuoy)
Smode duration >15min
pic5a.jpg (9102 ??) 5.MARINE ORANGE-COLOURED SMOKE SINGAL(Fitted on the lifeboats and liferafts for daylight use in distress situation)Orange-coloured
smoke duration   =3min
Visible distance >2nautica miles
pic6a.jpg (9610 ??) 6.MARINE LIFE LINE THROWER(Self-contained with an integral rocket,ignitor and linethrowing unit for connection between ship-to-ship or from ship-to-shore)
Distance of the line to be thrown =230m(in normal climate)
Broken force of the line  =2kN
pic7a.jpg (8965 ??) 7.MARINE LINE THROWER APPARATUS(A container consists of 1pistol, 4 rockets,4lines for connection between ship-to-ship of from ship-to-shore)
Distance of the line to be trrown=230m
Broken force of the line 2kN No.of rockets 4pcs/set
pic8a.jpg (9782 ??) 8.HYDROSTATIC RELEASE     The product is made complete of the selected strong anti-corrosion stainless steel which has both the automatic and manual hock-releasing functions in water of 2~4m is an indispensable hock releasing out fit attached on inflatable liferaft.

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